I am Woman

I hold the dreams and hopes of nations in my womb. 

I am woman 

I build my people with one word, and tear down strongholds all the same. 

I am woman 

I am God’s gift to man, a precious and rare jewel. 

I am woman 

Man spends his entire life trying to understand me

I am woman

In this world I struggle to remain free

I am woman. 

I am a mother, sister, daughter, lover, fighter. 

I am woman 

Just a smile from me makes his world, her world brighter. 

I am woman 

Within me lives pain,joy and laughter

I am woman though I struggle, I shine soon after. 

I stay

Afraid of the pain
Of being alone again
I stay.

Because maybe he’ll change
Maybe I’ll change
Maybe we’ll change
Things will change.

Afraid of the pain
Of being alone again
I stay.

I want to give us a chance,
To maybe reignite romance.
Restart this love dance,
And so in circles we prance.

Afraid of the pain
Of being alone again
I stay.

None of it for us two
If I stay, it’s only for you.
Either way I’ll hurt me too
Whatever I decide to do.

Afraid of the pain,
Of being alone again
I stay.

Will we be okay,
If I don’t stay?
Love’s moon continues to decay,
Wasting our lives away

Afraid of the pain,
Of being alone again
I stay.

I can’t find the words to say
Love, please make a way,
Find his heart a new place to stay
As mine has gone away.
Prepare for him a new heart
His home, once we decide to part.

Petals & Roots

Because I let you smell my flowers,I let you touch them,tear away at every bud.
You fell in love with them,and that’s my fault,I never dared to show you my roots… Fear told me you would never understand them. So I hid behind my flowers,till one day,autumn came.
There were no more colours to be seen,no more sweet smells to smell,no more petals to caress.
All I had left were my roots;deep,dark and mangled. I gave them to you,but you didn’t know what to do with them, and so you left them to die out in the darkness.
My flowers were gone,and then you vanished too, you’d stolen my sweet smelling essence and my all my petals too.


Shades of Black

Shades of black
How much beauty did you lack?
Their words left you with scars that won’t heal,
Hiding behind the pain you pretend not to feel.

They said beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
This seemed strange as you grew older.
In their eyes you never embodied it,
And so to their definition you try to fit.
Liquids,creams and extensions,
Trying to cover up what they call imperfections
But baby girl can’t you see,
That being yourself will set you free?

Shades of black,
How much beauty did you lack?
You listened when they told you your skin was too dark,
When in fact it was their eyes that couldn’t handle a beauty so stark.
Now you torture yourself in order to silence their voices,
But they’re still gonna criticise you for your choices.

Amongst your own you feel all alone,
And you think,’Maybe there’s really something wrong with my tone’.
‘Beauty is but skin deep’ is what’s on people’s lips,
But through their actions their true self slips.

Shades of black,maybe one day they will understand
What kind of life you’ve lived in this land.
Where everyone would rather be identical
Than celebrate being an individual.
Maybe you’ll let your deep chocolate beauty will arise from the mist,
And erase the all the requirements needed to ‘fit’ the beauty list.
Shades of black,you’ll know,
What doesn’t kill you makes you grow.


The land was broken before it had been fixed,
Decay began and emotions were mixed.
Even when we saw it,we couldn’t say,
And so we watched our pride rot

For years, they tried to silence us,
Mothers,fathers,brothers and sisters like.
Sinking into obscurity because they told the ghouls to take a hike.
Speak no evil,hear no evil,
For so long we were afraid of an

They convinced us that the best we could do was hide behind our poverty,
And so we,the powerful masses became a minority.
We watched as our wealth was squandered,
And never for once about freedom wandered.

We always sowed,but could never reap,
Because when the harvest was theirs to reap.
And so when slowly we began to rise,
It seemed only to benefit our demise.

The giant had slept for so long,he had forgotten who he was,
But those that knew him remained clenching their jaws,
Fearing his inevitable rise,
They used their own to make us think silence was wise.

But as the dawn breaks and the giant begins to wake,
They can be sure the earth will quake.
No,he will not be still and remained enslaved in their will,
He’ll break down the wall, and yes their kingdom will fall.

Cry,the beloved nation

Cry the beloved nation,
Whose sons bled and died for freedom.
Cry the beloved nation,
Whose tears built a great kingdom.

How long will your children suffer?
Mama,how long  will they hurt one another?

Cry the beloved nation,
Where dreams and nightmares are born.
Cry the beloved nation,
Where families from each other are torn.

Will we ever see the light of day?
Mama,will we receive answers
to the prayers we say?

Cry the beloved nation,
Where internal wars rage.
Cry the beloved nation,
Where death is sin’s wage.

Where did it all go wrong?
Mama,how long shall I sing
this song?
Cry the beloved nation,
This cry of a desperate child never dies
Cry the beloved nation,
Until from the ashes we rise.


Concrete Heart

Somewhere,somehow I got it all wrong.
I tried to make room for myself in your concrete heart.
You took hold,I was sold 
On the notion that one day you’d change
I thought I was special, that I was the one who’d break down the concrete walls
Break through to the inside,because after all they were just walls, right?
Within those concrete walls I would hit a cold, hard, surface and I told myself it was only a matter of time before I melted it down.
You wanted to leave,
I did my best to make you stay
Because after all, you would never go away.
But you were never here anyway.  
And so I chipped away at your concrete heart,and the more I did,
The less it showed 
More concrete,higher walls
My efforts seemed to fall into the abyss that is your mind,as you never realised what I was trying to do.
You shared with me your secrets,and again I thought this set me apart.
Little did I know that many of the notches in your belt were acquired that way.
I let myself believe that your concrete heart was worth it, blistered fingers and a shattered heart.
I had to believe you were or would be mine,and for a while even you believed that lie.
But as night fell on our momentary bliss,my love was buried underneath your concrete heart,every word,every action
Frozen in the time it was said or done.
Somewhere, somehow I got it all wrong 
I convinced myself that I was the one.
Now I know it was never my job
To break through walls I was never asked to
Because in the end it was my heart that was melted to stone.



Sometimes life leaves you at loss for words. Reeling,you try to deal with the darkness that suddenly attaches itself you,leaving you blind and powerless.

Sometimes it can leave you cold.Broken,you try to hold back tears of frustration and hurt.But sometimes there aren’t any tears to cry, because the only way to protect your heart is to melt it to stone. 

Questions for both God and man twirl on the edge that your mind drifts upon, sometimes piercing your heart, pulling at it’s strings, other times ripping it apart.

The more you fight the dark,the further away light seems. So you sink into the shadow, and sliver of hope of a morning to come is all you have. Not promised. Not guaranteed. But hoped for. 

Heartbreak hotel

I’ve checked into heartbreak hotel,
You can tell from it’s awful smell.
I’ve checked into heartbreak hotel,
Empty words are like a shallow well.

I dug for gold where there was none,
I hated myself for something you had done.
Useless as a bullet without a gun,
Precious memories dissolve into none.

I’ve checked into heartbreak hotel,
You can tell from it’s awful smell.
I’ve checked into heartbreak hotel,
Empty words are like a shallow well.

I thought I’d found my sweet escape.
But it was just emotional rape.
I gave you all my love to take,
But now I know that yours was fake.

I’ve checked into heartbreak hotel,
You can tell from it’s awful smell.
I’ve checked into heartbreak hotel,
Empty words are like a shallow well.

Sweet memories,how they linger,
Slowly,slipping through my fingers .
The reason why the wounds never heal,
Is because the onion layers do not peel.

I’ve checked into heartbreak hotel,
You can tell from it’s awful smell.
I’ve checked into heartbreak hotel,
Empty words are like a shallow well.