Concrete Heart

Somewhere,somehow I got it all wrong.
I tried to make room for myself in your concrete heart.
You took hold,I was sold 
On the notion that one day you’d change
I thought I was special, that I was the one who’d break down the concrete walls
Break through to the inside,because after all they were just walls, right?
Within those concrete walls I would hit a cold, hard, surface and I told myself it was only a matter of time before I melted it down.
You wanted to leave,
I did my best to make you stay
Because after all, you would never go away.
But you were never here anyway.  
And so I chipped away at your concrete heart,and the more I did,
The less it showed 
More concrete,higher walls
My efforts seemed to fall into the abyss that is your mind,as you never realised what I was trying to do.
You shared with me your secrets,and again I thought this set me apart.
Little did I know that many of the notches in your belt were acquired that way.
I let myself believe that your concrete heart was worth it, blistered fingers and a shattered heart.
I had to believe you were or would be mine,and for a while even you believed that lie.
But as night fell on our momentary bliss,my love was buried underneath your concrete heart,every word,every action
Frozen in the time it was said or done.
Somewhere, somehow I got it all wrong 
I convinced myself that I was the one.
Now I know it was never my job
To break through walls I was never asked to
Because in the end it was my heart that was melted to stone.



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