Monthly Archives: Jul 2016


The land was broken before it had been fixed,
Decay began and emotions were mixed.
Even when we saw it,we couldn’t say,
And so we watched our pride rot

For years, they tried to silence us,
Mothers,fathers,brothers and sisters like.
Sinking into obscurity because they told the ghouls to take a hike.
Speak no evil,hear no evil,
For so long we were afraid of an

They convinced us that the best we could do was hide behind our poverty,
And so we,the powerful masses became a minority.
We watched as our wealth was squandered,
And never for once about freedom wandered.

We always sowed,but could never reap,
Because when the harvest was theirs to reap.
And so when slowly we began to rise,
It seemed only to benefit our demise.

The giant had slept for so long,he had forgotten who he was,
But those that knew him remained clenching their jaws,
Fearing his inevitable rise,
They used their own to make us think silence was wise.

But as the dawn breaks and the giant begins to wake,
They can be sure the earth will quake.
No,he will not be still and remained enslaved in their will,
He’ll break down the wall, and yes their kingdom will fall.


Cry,the beloved nation

Cry the beloved nation,
Whose sons bled and died for freedom.
Cry the beloved nation,
Whose tears built a great kingdom.

How long will your children suffer?
Mama,how long  will they hurt one another?

Cry the beloved nation,
Where dreams and nightmares are born.
Cry the beloved nation,
Where families from each other are torn.

Will we ever see the light of day?
Mama,will we receive answers
to the prayers we say?

Cry the beloved nation,
Where internal wars rage.
Cry the beloved nation,
Where death is sin’s wage.

Where did it all go wrong?
Mama,how long shall I sing
this song?
Cry the beloved nation,
This cry of a desperate child never dies
Cry the beloved nation,
Until from the ashes we rise.