Monthly Archives: Jun 2017

Ode to Self

Feed me till I want no more

Lack of praise makes my heart sore

Click, click goes the fan cam

Because of their ‘likes’ I call them fam.
Feed me till I want no more

A mere shadow of who I was before

If you don’t approve of what I do

A hater is what I’ll call you.
Feed me till I want no more

I’m not who I was before.

Every, ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘share’

Makes me believe that they all care

About my wounds, tears and fears.

But my silent cries? No one hears.
Feed me till I want no more.

Everyday I’m keeping score.

This big little girl who once had such passion

Watches life like a shadow before her passing.

“As long as they’re all satisfied,

It doesn’t matter even if my soul has died.”

With every click, click, click,
The clock goes tick, tick, tick.

Without her daily dose,

Her heart begins to close.
Feed me till I want no more

This ‘perfect’ persona’s such a chore.

I’m a mere fragment of who I used be,

Yet my life’s become all about me.